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MSY Seahorse history - Bugis shipbuildersMSY Seahorse history - Bugis shipbuilders

Indonesian “Bugis Prahus”, commonly known as Pinisi, are boats of the most impressive craft construction which have ever existed. Their entire structure is made of locally-grown timber (ironwood & teak amongst others) according to a tradition that dates back to long before Portuguese colonists reached the area. The Bugis were expert seafarers native of southern Sulawesi, who traded in timber and spices from that part of Asia to Madagascar. Originally, shipbuilding was the job of the Konjo, craftsmen who, working on their traditional designs, copied the western vessels that reached those lands around 1500 A.D., adapting them to their own style. That was the source of inspiration for building the Pinisi. Generation after generation, this traditional shipbuilding technique was transmitted orally and it must be considered a cultural treasure.

At Indo Cruises, we want to share this cultural heritage with our customers, adapting it to the 21st century. Our Pinisis operate with the most modern equipment (to European standard), while keeping up the magic of tradition.

A few things have changed since the early days of liveaboards. The food has increased in quality and quantity, the boats in general are more spacious and comfortable... but in the last 4 years there has been the biggest change in liveaboard diving history: digital photography has arrived, and with its arrival the use of laptops on the boat has increased its numbers by the hundreds.

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