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MSY Seahorse is the first dive liveaboard which started operating (2006) the Fakfak route on the Birds Head Seascape, NW of Papua. Since then we have been discovering new dive sites on every voyage in the new area of Fakfak-Triton Bay, and we are ready to share them with you in the comfort and safeties of our vessel.

            Papuan Bird's Head Seascape
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Once you arrive in Misool, you are surrounded by one of the most fascinating landscapes you can imagine. Hundreds of small islands all shaped by time into sculptures that only nature can produce. The topside it's out of this world but once your head is under the water you start to understand the concept of variety of colours. The soft corals are unbelievable, all kind of colours and at all depths. It is not unusual to be among a dozen of different ones only a metre or two down!

Between Kaimana and Misool we´ll make another stop. Let us say that the diving, although not disappointing, is not at the same level as the others, but seeing the spectacular waterfall flowing down from the hilly rainforest straight into the sea is a breathtaking view!!! Lagoons where we can swim in and the possibility of a refreshing waterfall -shower? A great sensation! In this are, for the first and only time our main goal will not be underwater one. It will be a pigmy, but not the sea horse kind; we'll be looking for the rarely seen Papua pigmy Kangaroo, which happens to live there!

Close to the Kri resort there is outstanding diving. Probably the corals are less spectacular than in Misool, but that is compensated by the schools of fish like in Sardine reef and Kri corner. These sites are just fabulously filled with fish and pelagic action is always expected. At the west site of Mansuar area mantas can be seen in great numbers.

Pulau Pisang is situated half way between Misool and Fak Fak and offers a great stop on the way. The reefs are healthy, no bleaching and fish life is abundant, turtles, bump heads, napoleon wrasse and the usual schools of fusiliers that attract trevallies are among their residents and mantas have been spotted on several occasions. We still haven't found a cleaning station, so we are supposing they are migrating without intention of staying permanently... neither are we

Dive sites like Melissa's Garden, and Barracuda Point are not to be missed.
Here we have a change in scenery. The hard corals are more abundant, and although the fish life is as good as it gets, the barracudas and the wobbegong sharks will be our main goals. In between the island there are great drift dives among gorgonians. We are normally welcomed by a school of friendly bumphead parrot fish and sweetlips.

The highlight of the area, the record breaker (a couple of dozens of new species of fish, and another couple of newly found coral species…and we are just starting…), so far the star of the show is the recently found Epaulette shark, the only known shark which walks on its pectoral fins!

We have over 20 dive sites; the soft corals are as good as in Misool area. The black coral forest never seems to end and the reefs are boiling with life. All kind of colourfull fish move around, new species of wrasses and gobies fight to introduce themselves to the divers. The topography is varied, bommies, some caves and a few hard corals.

In places like Bat Cave and Little Komodo giant groupers are hiding under the rocks. In Little Komodo and 7th Heaven everything can be experienced. If Komodo is a sum up of diving in Indonesia, Little Komodo has it all in only one dive!! Do you want turtles??..Or bump heads?? Or millions of fusiliers?? Wobbegongs? Jacks??... Go for it!!!

But Triton Bay is more than that. There are more reasons to come to this remote area: the landscape is gorgeous, ancient paintings decorating caves and the village of Lobo is a friendly place surrounded by a 1000 metres high cliff...

Not enough?? What about enjoying the resident pod of pilot whales?

Yes, we know you like to take some macro shots and do some muck diving, well, here is the biggest difference with Misool, we can regularly find critters and some dives are just perfect for that: pygmies (denise and bargibanti), nudies, devil scorpion fish, wonder puss, frog fish, leaf fish, ornate ghost pipe fish...

Certainly not to be missed!

Read a recent article by Tim Rock (the beautiful photos you see on the left) he wrote about Triton Bay while aboard the MSY Seahorse this past April 2008 for Asian Diver.

The Call of the Triton! - Tim Rock, Asian Diver

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