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Typical day on board
enjoy the best sunsets in the world

Typical day on board
late afternoon aperitif

Typical day on board
morning refresher

In general we will offer 4 dives a day, each one of them carefully prepared and checked beforehand, reassuring the right conditions.

The day starts with a satisfying breakfast of fresh fruit juices, toast, coffee/tea, cereals and eggs any style to satisfy your morning hunger.

After the first dive we'll serve a full breakfast, and in between eating and diving there will be spare time to relax on the sundeck, read a book, have a chat or check out the mornings digital photos on your laptop.

Lunch is served after the second dive and usually, a quick afternoon siesta.

The food-dive-food routine follows after the third dive of the day, afterwhich you can enjoy a lazy late-afternoon on our sundeck, lounging back and soaking in the wonderful landscape with a cup of coffee or tea and some snacks.

Dinner is prepared after the night dive, and the food is excellent. Hailing from a long tradition of big family homecooked meals in Spain, we take pride in offering you a delicious menu with our carefully selected & professional chef on board the Seahorse. Maybe a nice glass of wine, watching the stars and then a well deserved sleep.

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