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In between the islands of Komodo and Flores the upwelling of the Indian Ocean bring waters full of nutrients and contribute in making this area a true underwater paradise.

The government of Indonesia declared an area of over 13.000.000 hectares National Park, not only to preserve the world famous dragons but also the unique underwater environment.

The diving is divided in 3 major areas: Sangeang & Banta, North Komodo, South Komodo

Diving Komodo General Info
Strong currents due to the upwelling of the ocean. Huge variety of life to explore.

Water temperature & Dive suit
The Northern waters are typically around (80-86F) with clearer waters; whereas the southern waters are colder (70-75F) with poorer visibility.

A 3mm suit is fine for the Northern area, and as you head South you might want to slip into a 5 or 7mm.

Domestic Flights
As always, we are more than happy to arrange all domestic flights for you.* Flights service Maumere - Denpasar (Bali), Maumere - Manado or Makassar.

Flight departure/arrival:
Maumere - Denpasar Merpati, MZ685 7.50am 10am daily

Prices per person/flight:**
Maumere - Denpasar: $USD 205

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Dive Komodo, underwater photo gallery
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