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Asian Diver - The Call of the Triton! by Tim Rock aboard the MSY Seahorse
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"The last, best place. A natural wonder. The heart of diversity. So many superlatives have been heaped upon Indonesia's West Papuan region that I was a bit skeptical. But when the Seahorse's cruise director called me and told me about an exploratory cruise to Triton Bay, Misool and other Raja Ampat dive sites, I was in. I had to see this place for myself. And you know what? It's all that it's cracked up to be. It's really that good."

"MSY Seahorse is the first dive live-aboard to start operating the Fakfak route in 2006. The Seahorse has varied itineraries and has been a pioneer in exploring the reefs around the Irian Jaya area. The crew has also been discovering new dive sites on every voyage in the Fakfak-Triton Bay area." - Tim Rock for AsianDiver - April 2008


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